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Meet The Team

Meet Rosa

My experience began as a teenager helping my dad with his contracting work – painting, nailing shingles, laying tile, steadying 2×4’s, and doing whatever he needed – he was a carpenter. I noticed his eye for detail and his efforts to complete the job with excellence. From the family’s work experience, I employed the work ethic I learned at home in the lawyer’s office where I worked as an Intellectual Property Paralegal. Again, the eye to detail, meeting deadlines and effective communication were all a necessary part of the profession.

At Becker Stong Real Estate Group, Inc., we are a team of dedicated, proactive and professional Realtors who serve our clients as well as each other. We work as a team to do what it takes, including introducing buyers to the appropriate lender and lending program, in order to close the transaction. My Sellers complement my hands-on staging and eye for detail, including the professional photographs used for each listing.

As a team, Faye and I offer our Sellers and Buyers experience, integrity and dedication, coupled with sound advice and in-depth investigation. We are committed consummate professionals whose dedication and honesty have earned the friendship and loyalty of clients as well as the admiration of our colleagues.

“I believe that ‘returning’ to your community is essential,” says Rosa. “The professionals at Faye Becker Homes, Inc. demonstrate this principle as well. As the founder and president of Straight Up Youth, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, I am able to recruit volunteers who teach our young leaders to recognize their skills and encourage them to move forward in their natural skills and passions. Whatever their upbringing was or was not, they could move forward in life and be successful. Real estate affords me the time and financial assistance to help our younger generation in this way.”


Meet Faye

I came to Real Estate by a circuitous route. I graduated with a degree in Economics from the University of Wisconsin, taught economics at Gateway Technical College for many years. After living in Germany with my husband and sons upon returning to the US I simultaneously enrolled in the Real Estate licensing courses and embarked on obtaining a degree in Interior Design. I never had any intention of pursuing a career in Real Estate. (Famous last words.) But little by little I was drawn into Real Estate and found I loved it. It combined many of my favorite things…people, homes, the opportunity to “improve” upon a home as it currently exists, and the crucial factors of supply and demand coupled with an understanding of money and banking involved in obtaining a mortgage. My love of this business has lead to tremendous success but for me the best success has always been knowing that I have happy clients.

So why do I say “circuitous”? My father and grandfather were both in Real Estate so in a sense I was raised in the business.  The business has morphed many times since my grandfather got his license in 1919 or so. They would never recognize today’s world of real estate. I have always tried to keep up with the those changes as they come. There are more changes on the horizon and we will be incorporating those changes as they come.

Likewise, personal life changes too. Our two sons are now married with children. My four grandsons and one granddaughter bring unlimited joy to my life. My husband died suddenly two years ago and that too brought adjustments. The more we experience in life the better it helps us relate to and understand others and what is going on in their lives. I have always said I see my role as a Realtor not just as the person with Real Estate knowledge but as counselor, advisor and sometimes the person who helps listen to and sooth my clients.  It is a privilege to be a part of my client’s real estate decisions.

I consider it a very fortunate day when I first met Rosa Stong. Eventually we started to work together and ultimately, we formed a partnership of close collaboration. My husband Bob said we were like “clones” so we feel that our clients get two of us for the “price of one”.

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Meet Mark

For some folks it takes years to find their true passion in life … and frankly I was one of them. A degree from Marquette University fulfilled my parents’ wishes but it also propelled me on a journey of building a successful career in Sales and Marketing. Though jobs were located in New York and Chicago, it wasn’t until I returned home that I finally found my niche – Real Estate in Racine was the answer!

I was fortunate to become an owner in an investment property and learned quite a bit … sometimes the hard way. Building on this experience I was able to develop a business model to accommodate a growing market. The ability I attained on how to buy, sell and lease/manage various properties, homes and condos was not only challenging but also very rewarding. More importantly, the belief that my success was based on how well I interacted with clients was validated and influenced by my ability to LISTEN. Knowing precisely what your customer wants ensures you are off to a good start. Other skills as important would be negotiation and communication, but they must be guided by honesty, integrity and work experience – every transaction is unique. People call me “old fashioned” because of my techniques and values which is why my most popular clients are baby boomers!! Friends, your home may be your single greatest asset and You can be sure that I will always treat it that way.

My Number One goal at Becker Stong Real Estate Group, Inc. is to commit to making you FIRST – be it a downsizing home sale, an investment purchase, or the purchase of your first house, and making you feel comfortable with the person who will get it done! I want to be that person. Always remember “I appreciate your business but the clients even more.”

Mark Simon is Owner of Karm 58, which specializes in residential leasing, property management and more general services. Call Mark at 414-881-2920

Meet Mary Pucci

My love of community and people brought me to real estate. The inner workings of the industry fascinated me because it is one that requires networking with people. Whether it was when I worked as a mortgage collector right out of college or an employment advisor or social worker years later, I have always understood what it means to be client-focused. Additionally, I spent an extended amount of time at home with my three children. I maximized this time by seizing the opportunity to become deeply involved in the community. Those years of experience gave me a true understanding of the people here, as well as, a good pulse on our community’s economic and social climate. When I sell a home or business in the Racine area it is with a keen understanding of what buyers and sellers can expect from this market.

I know a lot of people! Maybe that sounds odd to say, however, it is essential for success in real estate. When a buyer or seller is in need of resource and referral, I have the distinct advantage of leveraging my large network to assist them. My business philosophy is that success can only be achieved by working my business with honesty and integrity. I cannot do this unless I take the time to understand your needs and wants from your real estate transaction. I will advocate for you like I would a family member or friend. In fact, many of my current friends started as clients! . Most importantly, I approach this business equitably. My work as an advocate for racial justice is very important to me. I will always treat my clients fairly, void of discrimination or bias. I am blessed to say that I have worked with people of all races, socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. Regardless of the aforementioned, or whether you are a first time homebuyer or a seasoned investor looking to build your portfolio, I will provide you with the same level of service, guaranteed. Earning your trust is my number one priority, and infinitely more important to me than any penny earned in the form of commission.

I look forward to working with you!