Becker Stong Real Estate Group, Inc

Meet Mark

For some folks it takes years to find their true passion in life … and frankly I was one of them. A degree from Marquette University fulfilled my parents’ wishes but it also propelled me on a journey of building a successful career in Sales and Marketing. Though jobs were located in New York and Chicago, it wasn’t until I returned home that I finally found my niche – Real Estate in Racine was the answer!

I was fortunate to become an owner in an investment property and learned quite a bit … sometimes the hard way. Building on this experience I was able to develop a business model to accommodate a growing market. The ability I attained on how to buy, sell and lease/manage various properties, homes and condos was not only challenging but also very rewarding. More importantly, the belief that my success was based on how well I interacted with clients was validated and influenced by my ability to LISTEN. Knowing precisely what your customer wants ensures you are off to a good start. Other skills as important would be negotiation and communication, but they must be guided by honesty, integrity and work experience – every transaction is unique. People call me “old fashioned” because of my techniques and values which is why my most popular clients are baby boomers!! Friends, your home may be your single greatest asset and You can be sure that I will always treat it that way.

My Number One goal at Becker Stong Real Estate Group, Inc. is to commit to making you FIRST – be it a downsizing home sale, an investment purchase, or the purchase of your first house, and making you feel comfortable with the person who will get it done! I want to be that person. Always remember “I appreciate your business but the clients even more.”

Mark Simon is Owner of Karm 58, which specializes in residential leasing, property management and more general services. Call Mark at 414-881-2920

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